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Barca confirms Xavi as new first team coach******

MADRID, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- FC Barcelona confirmed former player Xavi Hernandez as the long-term replacement to Ronald Koeman as first team coach in the early hours of Saturday morning.。

The 41-year-old, considered to be one of the architects of Barcelona's trademark passing game, returns to the Camp Nou after Barca agreed terms with Qatari club Al-Saad, where he had coaching since 2019.。

Xavi has agreed a two and a half year contract until the end of June 2024 and will make his debut in the Barca dugout on November 20th in the Barcelona derby against local rivals Espanyol, just three days before Barca play Benfica in a Champions League game they need to win if they are to qualify for the last 16 of the competition. Enditem。

33克轻巧大屏智能表,OPPO Watch Free明日开售******

  OPPO近期发布的智能手表新品OPPO Watch Free将在明天(9月30日)10:00正式开售,主打OSleep全场景睡眠检测,以及33克超轻佩戴体验,首发价499元起。

  OPPO Watch Free 采用16.4英寸AMOLED矩形屏幕,像素密度高达326ppi,显示精细度高;覆盖100% P3色域,色彩表现出众。机身尺寸46.0mmx29.7mmx10.6mm,配备定制皮纹质感表带,连表带整机重量只有33g。

  在这轻巧的机身内,OPPO Watch Free搭载了六轴运动传感器、光学心率传感器、光学血氧传感器、环境光传感器,可以进行更加准确的监测。OPPO Watch Free可支持100+种运动监测,且能自动识别并记录4种运动模式,让用户能更好的了解自己的运动情况。


  OPPO Watch Free会在睡眠时间温馨提醒用户入睡,并在手机端开启灰色调的睡眠模式,帮助用户更好地入睡。当用户入睡,OPPO Watch Free不仅可以监测深浅睡结构、快速眼动,还能结合每秒实时血氧监测数据、心率变异性和手机收录的鼾声,综合评估用户的鼾症风险等级,带来独家的鼾症风险评估,帮助发现潜在的睡眠呼吸问题。


  OPPO Watch Free 普通模式续航可以满足 14 天需求,支持快充 5 分钟即可使用一整天,能很好的满足大部分用户的使用需求。并且OPPO Watch Free 还支持跨屏互联、电竞模式、手表支付等一系列的功能,能为用户带来更好的使用体验。

  目前,OPPO Watch Free正在全网火热预售中,预售可享50元抵100,到手价标准版499元,NFC版549元,以及3期免息、加赠QQ音乐会员等福利。

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Drama and chaos on Day 3 at ISU Short Track World Cup******

BEIJING, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- The 2021-22 season ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup witnessed a series of restarts, false starts and penalties, as none of the four finals finished in a clean run but a world record in the semifinal here on Saturday.

Semen Elistratov of Russia took the men's 1,500m gold after experiencing one restart each in both semifinals and final. World record holder and reigning Olympic champion Wu Dajing of China was ruled out of the men's 500m final for a second false start.

World record holder and Olympic gold medalist Choi Min-jeong led a group of three South Koreans in the women's 1,500m final to take the top three positions on the second-last lap after frequent lead changes.

It looked as if South Korea would have swept the podium with only half a lap to go but as they entered the last corner, Kim Ji-yoo's late change from the inside out caused contact with compatriot Choi, bringing both of them out of the play.

Third-placed Lee Yu-bin became the leader and claimed the gold in an unexpected way. Courtney Sarault of Canada and Kristen Santos of the United States took the silver and bronze, respectively.

The men's 1,500m saw one restart in the semifinals of Group 2, where the referee called back the race with only one lap to go as Frenchman Quentin Fercoq failed to stand up after being brought out of the track. World Cup winner Ren Ziwei of China, who almost took the win in the first run, failed to qualify for the final after the restart.

In the final, Shaolin Sandor Liu of Hungary was penalized for causing contact as he tried to pass from the inside on the 12th lap with only one and a half laps to go, which brought down four skaters and led to another restart on the day.

Sun Long of China took a do-or-die tactic after the restart as he burst out of the crowd and sped up only half a lap into the race, which seemed as if he was trying to take a full lap lead on his opponents, with only Stijn Desmet of Belgium joining.

Four laps later, Sun ran out of strength and soon fell to last. Desmet then took the lead for another five laps but was caught by the rest of the skaters.

An Kai of China overtook Desmet from the outside as they entered the third-last lap but it was Elistratov who crossed the finishing line first in his fourth run within an hour. Adil Galiakhmetov of Kazakhstan finished second, An placed third.

"This is an amazing victory," said Elistratov. "We trained very hard and I am grateful that the effort paid off today. I want to thank the Chinese people who paid tribute to all the athletes."

"The Olympic gold medal will only go to someone who really deserves it and someone who works honestly," the Russian added. "I really like this venue and I'll try my best to come here again during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics."

In the women's 500m, all Chinese athletes, including Qu Chunyu, Fan Kexin and Zhang Yuting qualified for the semifinals but nobody made it to the final.

A third restart of the day took place in the women's 500m final as Natalia Maliszewska of Poland stumbled on lap three in the leading position, while another three skaters went down later on the same lap.

In the restart, Maliszewska didn't let the chance slip away and performed a wire-to-wire win. Arianna Fontana of Italy and Choi took the silver and bronze respectively.

In the men's 500m, Wu, along with Canadian Jordan Pierre-Gilles, was penalized for a second false start, meaning that the three skaters remaining on the ice would each secure a medal even before the race started.

Hungarian Liu had no trouble leading from the beginning to the end to claim the gold, while his countryman John-Henry Krueger bagged the silver, Denis Nikisha of Kazakhstan took the bronze.

"It's a pity that I got penalized for a second false start," Wu said. "I did well in the previous rounds and I will work harder."

In the women's 3,000m relay semifinals, the Netherlands renewed the world record created by themselves at the PyeongChang Winter Games, with a time of four minutes and 02.809 seconds.

Team China advanced into the finals of both men's and women's relays to be held on Sunday. "We are aiming for the gold tomorrow in both the men's and women's races," said Ren. "We will do well on ourselves and focus on the details." Enditem



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