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Hoffenheim down Hertha Berlin in Bundesliga******

BERLIN, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- Goals from Andrej Kramaric and Sebastian Rudy helped Hoffenheim beat 10-man Hertha Berlin 2-0 and reap its fourth straight win in Bundesliga on Friday.

Hertha started bright into the game on the road as Hoffenheim goalkeeper Oliver Baumann had to be on guard to neutralize Marco Richter's shot on target in the 7th minute.

It was Hoffenheim though who broke the deadlock against the flow of the game in the 19th minute when Robert Skov's square pass into the box allowed Kramaric to mark the opener from close range.

Hoffenheim continued to threat Berlin's defence as the Kramaric unleashed a promising effort on target from 18 meters at the half-hour mark while Skov headed into the arms of custodian Alexander Schwolow moments later.

The hosts got rewarded with the two-goal lead in the 36th minute after Skov's shot dropped off the right post before Rudy tapped home the rebound from very close to stun Hertha.

After the restart, Hoffenheim had the chance to make it three but for all that Ihlas Bebou's attempt got blocked by Hertha defender Niklas Stark inside the box in the 49th minute.

Hertha lacked in ideas whereas Hoffenheim defended well to keep the visitors from the German capital at bay.

Goal scoring opportunities were at premium for the remainder of the second half, but Hertha's hopes got destroyed after team captain Derdyck Boyata received his marching orders for a rude foul on Angelo Stiller in the 76th minute.

With the result, Hoffenheim climb on the 7th spot and Hertha Berlin slip to the 11th.

"We started well and had everything under control. We created the first clear-cut opportunity but still Hoffenheim grabbed the lead. After 45 minutes we had to run behind a two-goal deficit. The red card didn't help either. It is overall a deserved win for Hoffenheim," said Hertha Berlin head coach Pal Dardai.

The following fixtures are scheduled for Saturday: Union Berlin host leaders Bayern Munich, runners-up Borussia Dortmund clash with Cologne, third-placed Freiburg face newly promoted Greuther Furth, Bayer Leverkusen take on Wolfsburg, Arminia Bielefeld see Mainz and Leipzig travel to Eintracht Frankfurt. Enditem

Japan to expand COVID******

As Japan grapples to deal with a nationwide surge in COVID-19 cases, senior government officials said Monday that 30 of the country's 47 prefectures will be placed under a quasi-state of emergency in the coming days.

Following Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida holding talks with necessary Cabinet ministers later in the day regarding the latest prefectures requesting to be placed under the COVID-19 emergency measure, a formal decision on the matter will likely be announced Tuesday, informed sources said.

"We will respond with well-balanced measures based on the nature of the Omicron strain by enhancing the procedural flow of prevention, detection and early treatment," Kishida told a lower house budget committee session on Monday.

The final decision will come after the government holding talks with its advisery panel of virus experts, who, after green-lighting the plan, will likely allow more prefectures to take more stringent anti-virus measures along with the 16 prefectures already under the virus emergency measure as of Monday.

The move comes after nationwide COVID-19 cases surged to a record 54,576 on Saturday as the highly-transmissible Omicron virus variant continues to wreak havoc up and down the country.

A quasi-state of emergency allows prefectural governors and officials to implement stricter anti-viral measures, such as requesting eateries and bars to close earlier and refrain from serving alcohol, as well as large indoor and outdoor venues to cap the number of attendees at events, among others.

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China's Shanxi reports surging foreign trade in Jan.******

TAIYUAN, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- North China's Shanxi Province saw robust growth in foreign trade in the first three quarters of 2021, data from Taiyuan Customs showed.

The total import and export value hit 170.3 billion yuan (about 26.7 billion U.S. dollars) from January to September, up 76.8 percent compared with the same period last year, according to the data.

Exports soared to 104.5 billion yuan, registering an 87.8-percent increase over the same period last year, while imports totaled 65.8 billion yuan, up 61.9 percent.

The province's private enterprises posted rapid growth in imports and exports during the period, with the figure growing 161.2 percent to 55.6 billion yuan.

The inland province's trade volume with countries and regions along the Belt and Road hit 37.2 billion yuan in the first three quarters, accounting for 21.9 percent of the province's total foreign trade. Enditem















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