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Guangdong posts robust foreign trade growth in first 3 quarters******

GUANGZHOU, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Guangdong Province, a manufacturing heartland and leading foreign trade player in China, reported robust trade growth in the first three quarters of 2021.

Foreign trade of the southern Chinese province totaled 6.03 trillion yuan (about 943 billion U.S. dollars) in the January-September period, up 18.6 percent year on year, the provincial customs authority said Friday.

Its exports grew 19.3 percent year on year to 3.68 trillion yuan, while imports increased 17.5 percent to 2.35 trillion yuan.

Private businesses continued to be a big contributor to Guangdong's foreign trade, registering an import and export volume of 3.43 trillion yuan in the first nine months, up 21.9 percent year on year and accounting for 56.9 percent of the total trade.

Foreign-funded enterprises contributed 37.7 percent of Guangdong's foreign trade.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations was Guangdong's largest trading partner in the first three quarters, with a foreign trade volume of 908.37 billion yuan, up 17.4 percent year on year. The province's trade with the European Union and the United States grew by over 16 percent year on year during the period. Enditem



Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 'Explosive sex' wins top prize

It's like an explosion underwater. Several camouflage groupers rush to release their sperm as a female fish drops a burst of eggs.


This image taken at Fakarava Atoll in the Pacific has earned Laurent Ballesta the prestigious title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPY).

劳伦特·巴勒斯塔(Laurent Ballesta)在南太平洋法卡拉瓦环礁(Fakarava Atoll)海底拍摄的照片,赢得世界著名的野生动物摄影奖(Wildlife Photographer of the Year)桂冠。

Jury chair Roz Kidman Cox said it was a technical tour de force.

该奖评委会主席罗兹·基德曼·考克斯(Roz Kidman Cox)说,这张照片从技术层面来说也是一幅杰作。

"It's partly the setting, taken during a full Moon, but also the timing of it, knowing when to take the picture."


The annual spawning of camouflage groupers occurs in July. It's been known to draw up to 20,000 fish, along with many reef sharks looking for a meal. Overfishing threatens the groupers, but this picture was captured in a reserve that gives them some protection.


"We spent five years in this place, 3,000 hours of diving, to get this particular moment," Laurent said.


"I'm attached to this picture because of the shape of the cloud of eggs: it looks like an upside-down question mark. It's a question of the future of these eggs because only one in one million will (survive to) become an adult, but it's maybe more symbolic of the future of nature. It's a very important question about the future of nature."


As well as celebrating WPY's Grand Prize, the French photographer also wins the competition's Underwater category.


Dome Home Vidyun R Hebbar,India

“穹顶之家”(Dome Home),摄影者:维端·R·赫巴尔(Vidyun R Hebbar)

Ten-year old Vidyun R Hebbar from India is the Junior Wildlife Photographer of the Year for this picture of a tent spider in its web. The image is called Dome Home.

来自印度的10岁少年维端·R·赫巴尔(Vidyun R Hebbar)凭借这张桔云斑蛛照片成为年度青少年野生动物摄影师。这张照片被称为 “穹顶之家”(Dome Home)。

The blurred green and yellow colours in the background belong to one of those three-wheeled tuk-tuk taxis.


"Its focusing is pin sharp," Roz Kidman Cox told BBC News. "You can actually see the little fangs if you blow up the picture. I love the way it's been framed and the way you can see all the texture of the web, its lattice structure."


Vidyun recalled: "It was challenging to focus the tent spider because the web shook every time a vehicle passed by."


Started in 1964, WPY is organised by London's Natural History Museum.


The competition attracts tens of thousands of entries each year. Scroll down to see some of the individual category winners.


Elephant in the room by Adam Oswell, Australia

“房间里的大象”(Elephant in the room),摄影者:澳大利亚的亚当·奥斯维尔(Adam Oswell)

Adam Oswell wins the Photojournalism award for this picture which shows zoo visitors in Thailand watching a young elephant perform underwater. Elephant tourism has increased across Asia. In Thailand, there are now more elephants in captivity than in the wild.


The healing touch, from Community care by Brent Stirton, South Africa

“治愈触摸”(The healing touch),摄影者:南非的布伦特·斯德顿( Brent Stirton)

Brent Stirton was awarded the Photojournalist Story Award. His sequence of images profiles a rehabilitation centre caring for chimpanzees orphaned by the bushmeat trade in Africa. The director of the centre is seen introducing a newly rescued chimp to others in her care.


Head to head by Stefano Unterthiner, Italy

“针锋相对”(Head to Head),摄影者:意大利的斯蒂芬诺·安特辛内尔(Stefano Unterthiner)

WPY always has some great snow pictures and this one wins the Behaviour: Mammals category. Stefano Unterthiner watches two Svalbard reindeer battle for control of a harem. Watching the fight, Stefano said he felt immersed in "the smell, the noise, the fatigue and the pain".


Reflection by Majed Ali, Kuwait

“沉思”(Reflection),摄影者:科威特的马杰德·阿里(Majed Ali)

Majed Ali trekked for four hours to meet Kibande, an almost-40-year-old mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda. "The more we climbed, the hotter and more humid it got," Majed recalls. This picture, which shows Kibande as cooling rains begin to fall, wins the Animal Portraits category.

马杰德-阿里徒步跋涉了四个小时,在乌干达西南部的布温迪国家公园见到了近40岁的山地大猩猩基班德。马杰德回忆说:“我们越往山上爬,天气就越热,越潮湿。这张照片中显示的一刻,是冷雨浇下时基班德的表情。” 该照片赢得了动物肖像类奖。

Road to ruin by Javier Lafuente, Spain

“毁灭之路”(Road to ruin),摄影者:西班牙的哈维尔·拉弗恩特(Javier Lafuente)

Javier Lafuente's picture shows the stark, straight line of a road slicing through the curves of a wetland landscape that hosts more than a hundred species of birds, with ospreys and bee-eaters among many migratory visitors. The road, constructed in the 1980s to provide access to a beach, divides the wetland in two. The picture wins the Wetlands: The Bigger Picture category.


Spinning the cradle by Gil Wizen, Israel/Canada

“编织摇篮”(Spinning the cradle),摄影者:吉尔·维曾(Gil Wizen)

Gil Wizen is an entomologist and an expert photographer. This fishing spider is stretching out silk from its spinnerets to weave into its egg sac. Such spiders are common in wetlands and temperate forests of eastern North America. The image wins the Behaviour: Invertebrates category.


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year annual exhibition at the NHM opens on Friday, 15 October, before touring across the UK and internationally to venues in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, the US and more.


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Explosions rock Ukrainian key airport, military facilities: media******

A series of explosions hit the largest Ukrainian airport Boryspil and several military objects in eastern and southern Ukraine early on Thursday, according to Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

The Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry said it is evacuating passengers and staff from Boryspil.

Russia has closed its airspace to civilian aircraft starting on Thursday on its western borders with Ukraine and Belarus, the Russian aviation authorities announced, shortly after President Vladimir Putin authorized a "special military operation" in the Donbass region.








  希望广大群众积极配合核酸检测,主动出示72 小时内核酸检测结果,为高新区疫情防控工作贡献自己应有的力量。

  华商报记者 毛蜜娜








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