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Taliban criticizes US president's decision splitting Afghan assets******

A Taliban political spokesman has criticized US President Joe Biden's decision on splitting the frozen Afghan assets in the United States.

Mohammad Naeem, spokesman of the Taliban political office in Qatar, tweeted on Friday that "stealing the blocked funds of Afghan nation by the United States and its seizure is indicative of the lowest level of human and moral decay of a country and a nation."

On Friday, US President Biden signed an executive order to free US$7 billion out of more than US$9 billion frozen Afghan assets, splitting the money between humanitarian aid for cash-strapped Afghanistan and a fund for 9/11 victims.

"Failure and victory in human history and life is a normal practice. But the biggest and most shameful defeat is the military and moral defeat," Naeem added.

The Afghan economy following the Taliban's takeover in mid-August last year has suffered after the US freezing of assets belonging to the Afghan central bank, as well as a halt in funds by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

民政部:北方暴雨75人死亡失踪 173万人受灾******

(原标题:民政部:北方暴雨75人死亡失踪 173万人受灾)

民政部:北方暴雨75人死亡失踪 173万人受灾

民政部:北方暴雨75人死亡失踪 173万人受灾

民政部:北方暴雨75人死亡失踪 173万人受灾

7月20日,市民在石家庄市谈固东街冒雨出行。当日,记者从河北省水利厅防汛工作会议上了解到,7月18日12时至20日8时,河北省中南部地区出现近20年以来罕见的特大暴雨,其中邯郸、邢台、石家庄有多处降水量突破630毫米。新华社记者 王晓 摄

新华社北京7月20日电 记者20日从民政部获悉,18日以来,华北、西北、黄淮部分地区出现强降雨过程,截至20日9时统计,本轮强降雨过程导致河北、山西、山东、河南、陕西、甘肃6省35市131个县(市、区)173.1万人受灾,75人死亡失踪。

7月20日,地铁角门西站附近积水严重,多辆汽车在水中抛锚熄火。当日11时30分,北京市气象台发布暴雨橙色预警,目前城区及南部地区6小时累计降水量达70毫米左右,局地超过100毫米,至20日傍晚强降水持续。新华社记者 李鑫 摄


7月20日15时,记者从河南省安阳市防汛指挥办公室获悉,该市19日起出现大到暴雨,部分地区特大暴雨,市区周边三大水库均超汛限水位,9.8万余名群众紧急转移。新华社记者 李安 摄


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Hertha Berlin edge Monchengladbach in Bundesliga******

BERLIN, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- Marco Richter's sole goal was enough for Hertha Berlin to secure its second straight win after beating Borussia Monchengladbach 1-0 in the 9th round of Bundesliga on Saturday.

The "Foals" left no doubt that they were in search of a win in the German capital as Nico Elvedi came close with a header in the fifth minute.

Monchengladbach then got a foul play penalty awarded but it was a short-lived joy as the referee overturned his decision after reviewing the situation in the 10th minute.

Hertha defended deep and showed no intentions to push forward while Breel Embolo should have marked the opener for the visitors, but the striker missed the target from inside the penalty area eight minutes later.

Monchengladbach was the more active team as Elvedi unleashed another dangerous header following a corner from Jonas Hofmann, but the goal was scored at the other end of the pitch as Richter made use of a deflected ball and clinically scored against the run of the game with a sideways scissor-kick in the 40th minute.

The hosts almost flabbergasted Monchengladbach with the 2-0 lead but Yann Sommer was equal to Marton Dardai's close-range header just before the break.

After the restart, Monchengladbach took the reins again, but Hertha's defence stood firm and kept the "Foals" at bay.

Hertha goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow had nothing to do as Monchengladbach's only clear-cut chance came in the 84th minute when substitute Patrick Herrmann rattled the side netting from tight angle.

With the result, Hertha Berlin jump on the 10th position while Borussia Monchengladbach slip to the 12th spot in the table.

"It is a really upsetting defeat. Hertha won this game after making use of just one chance. We dominated the proceedings and gave things away. I am not happy that we weren't able to grab a point here," said Monchengladbach head coach Adi Hutter.

"I think it is a deserved win for us. We should have added another goal to our lead in the second half, but overall, we defended very well and were patient," said Hertha head coach Pal Dardai.

The following encounters conclude the 9th round on Sunday: Cologne clash with Bayer Leverkusen, Stuttgart face Union Berlin, and newly promoted Bochum meet Eintracht Frankfurt. Enditem

Gold ornaments unearthed in ancient tombs in China's Shaanxi******

XI'AN, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Archaeologists recently excavated six ancient tombs and discovered a batch of cultural relics in Xianyang City, northwest China's Shaanxi Province.。

The institute of cultural relics and archaeology of Xianyang City said the six tombs were located in Ta'erpo Village, of which three date back to the Qin Dynasty (221 B.C.-207 B.C.), one dates back to the Western Han Dynasty (202 B.C.-25 A.D.) and two date back to the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.).。

Xie Gaowen, director of the institute, said that the tombs were found in a burial area of Xianyang City of the Qin Dynasty, where hundreds of Qin tombs have been discovered previously.。

Xie noted that archaeologists excavated important items from one Qin tomb, including bronzeware, gold ornaments, shell ornaments and potteries.。

"It is rare to see a group of nine pure gold ornaments found in one Qin tomb," said Xie, adding that the largest hemispherical ornament measures 1.1 cm in diameter, and exquisite patterns of water droplets, circles, beads and ropes were found on the ornaments.。

Based on the size of the ornaments with buckles on the back, these may have been ornaments for clothes, according to Xie.。

Archaeologists said that the welded ropes and beads on the surface of the gold ornaments indicated that the Qin people had mastered welding techniques during that period. Enditem。

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